Our Mission

Our Mission To assist individuals and help businesses realize their financial ambitions and be successful is Sears and Boon CPA Firm mission. We define success as having amble savings for retirement, eliminating credit card debt, contributing to your retirement plan, investing in yourself via education, maintaining good records to reduce your taxes, increasing profits, creating jobs, and eliminating waste. At Sears and Boon CPA Firm, we help clients achieve success by providing sage tax and financial advice, being responsive, giving clients individual attention, conducting business with integrity, and building long term relationships with our clients. Our educated and experienced staff are always delighted to serve you.

Our Values

Our Values Every day, The Sears and Boon CPA Firm conducts business according to our core values. These guiding principles are the driving forces that enable us to support the financial wellbeing of our clients.
Sears and Boon CPA Firm:
• embodies a customer-centered and customer-first culture
• acts with integrity in all matters
• ensures that client information is secured and confidential
• invests in client relationships—we are here to help clients succeed
• does not judge clients—we endorse second chances
• welcomes challenges and delivers results
• provides valuable insight on tax and financial matters
• responds to client inquires
• maintains an educated and knowledgeable workforce